Ultimate Art Supply List 

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The move to online art classes have posed a unique challenge for me as an art teacher. I'm used to being the one with all the goodies ya'll!

I have all the supplies, I unload my wagon with all the things the kids love and it's like opening birthday presents! And every week, there are NEW presents!! 

In an effort to answer questions I get about supplies for class I've put together this list of a few of my favorite supplies. I'll be honest with ya though, during the Covid-19 health crisis, I think it's been fun to see all of the creative ways my art teacher friends are equipping their students to work from home with little to no known supplies. So in an effort to keep this affordable for all, I'm only going to suggest a few essentials and then I'll list some fun extras.

Before I start, I gotta tell ya As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

These are THE very best glues sticks I've found. I use these for my personal work and in all of my classes. 

 UHU glue sticks come in blue and white and if kids put the lids back on tight, they'll last for a really long time.

Next up are the paints, tempera paint to be exact. Tempera is washable and kid friendly, but cheap tempera is discouraging and disappointing at best. It smells, it dries streaky and flakes off. There are only two kinds I would suggest you buy. The first is Crayola Washable, it has a great creamy consistency with good coverage.

The other tempera I love to suggest is a semi-moist tempera cake by Jack Richeson. I tested these several years ago at an art teacher conference and bought them on the spot. I carried six of these home on the train in my duffle bag and when you get them, you'll understand. These babies are heavy! 

My favorite paint brushes are hands down Royal Big Kids Choice brushes. I've been using the same class pack of brushes I bought since 2015 when I started my mobile teaching business. 

I use washable markers in so many different ways in art class, but here again, it's Crayola for the win! There are so many color choices and once kids understand how to use the broad tips for both thick and thin lines, you almost get double for your money!

Finally, I keep Sharpie markers on hand at all times. I teach kids that Sharpie's are a privilege and that using them means they are agreeing to using them correctly and by that I mean only on our artwork ~ not our hands or faces, not the walls or tables, not your sisters back or your brothers snoring nose! I keep fine point black and colors close at hand at all times. 


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