Pens, Paper & Paint Arties aren't your typical paint parties. These are Arties with a twist, a creative twist! They will give you & your guests a new experience, a new opportunity & a creative confidence boost!

Here are a list of ideas, but they are just a starting point. As an arts educator I can turn any of your interests, hobbies, themes or ideas into a fun Arty adventure that you will enjoy! 

Sweet Treats
Uniquely designed sweet treats can be created either as a collage or a canvas art piece.
Printmaking parties are TONS of fun & provide a unique experience for guests.
Marblizing paper is a super fun activity for both kids and adult parties. After making several sheets of paper I'll show you some cool things to do with your one of kind piece.
Self Portraits
Perfect for the 6 & under set. These delightful self portraits will be treasured for years to come!
Pizza Party!
Pizza parties are a fantastic creative kids party activity.
Perfect for tweens, teens, women events & girlfriend gatherings. This piece is best done on canvas & is a great choice for a group that wants lots of personal style added to their pieces.
Seasonal/Holiday Themes
Seasonal & holiday themes are great for those with birthdays or group events near special events. These creative pieces can be done in using a variety of media from watercolor or acrylics to collage.
Welcome to the Jungle
Any animal image can be used in this fun piece. Kids not only paint but also use paper folding techniques to add dimension to their pieces.
Monster Stuffies
Kid designed, stitched & stuffed! This party theme is perfect for the 8-12yr old set & requires about 75min.
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Birds of a Feather
Perfect for kids and adults, this fun piece can be done as a painting activity on paper or on a canvas.
Coffee, Tea or Cocoa
This fun filled collage or canvas piece can be tailored brilliantly for any age group.
Minecraft parties are always a hit! Let me know your favorite Mobs & I'll give you detailed plans for creating them.
Stitch Fix
A great choice for boys & girls alike. This is a party where kids will walk away with practical life skills. They'll design their image then watch it come to life using embroidery & hand stitching techniques. Everybody goes home with a piece ready to hang.
Monster Mash
Monster Mash is a great party activity for kids with fall birthdays & can be done either in watercolor, small trading cards or on larger canvases.
Abstract, Beautiful & Useful
We'll use alcohol inks to create beautiful abstract images & either turn them into framed artworks, useful coasters or a lovely piece of jewelry. Perfect for a group of teens, a girlfriend gathering, team building event or even a date night.
From handmade small journals to altered Moleskine journals these are versatile and useful projects ideal for team building & group events. Whether used for goal setting, prayer journalling or family storytelling these wonderfully personal journals are a great choice!
Artist Trading Cards
ATCs are a delightful activity for a group of friends or team mates who are making memories, meeting goals and celebrating milestones with one another. ATCs are small cards centered on a them and uniquely created to be traded with one another to commemorate a moment, an event or a goal.
Create Your Own
Have a them in mind? A favorite color or artist? Want an artwork designed around a particular interest or hobby? Lets work together to make it happen!
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