Virtual Art Classes!

In an effort to continue to offer art classes throughout the Covid-19 health crisis I have decided to partner with Outschool!


Those of you who have taken classes with me in person will find my online classes to be very similar with regard to my teaching style, my enthusiasm for encouraging your child's creativity and for helping them develop creative thinking and collaboration skills. I believe that art has the power to heal and what better time to experience healing through the making of art than during this time?

 And thanks to the Outschool platform, we can adhere to physical distancing requirements while continuing to build friendships all over the world and create together. 

For those of you who are new to my art classes or who have found me through

Outschool, welcome!

I think you'll find my classes are a unique blend of structured learning and creative freedom!

Most of my classes are rooted in learning media techniques and art history. I frequently add cross curricular learning opportunities and give children the time and space to integrate their life experiences into the making process while having fun, developing friendships and seeking opportunities to express kindness through creativity. 


You can search by my name or click this link to see the classes I'm currently offering at Outschool!