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Party, Party, Arty Party!

Paaaarty Peeeeople!!!!

My 2016 calendar planning well underway at Pens, Paper & Paint! And, I'm tickled to say that my calendar days are being filled in with lots of color!

One weekend I purposfully leave open though are the weekends nearest to my boys BIRTHDAYS. I LOVE making their cakes and planning for our little family get togethers. Over the years we've had many birthday party themes including tractors, fire engines, dinosaurs, monster trucks, Scooby-Doo, Cars Movie, Lego, Club Penguin, candy cakes, a Mad Scientist cake & even a birthday cake made of donuts!

Do you have a child that loves to paint, draw or do crafts? Why not have an art party? I'll bring all of the supplies, inspiration and know how to help the kids make memorable works of art together with your artist. You provide workspace & the kids. Prices start at $100 for up to 6 children. That price includes the supplies, teaching time for 1 project & clean up of the art area. Additional services are available if you need help with invitations, planning or decorating. I also have a list of local bakers, in a variety of price ranges, who create beautiful handmade & delicious cakes. Intersted in an Art Party? Book ahead to be sure you get your chioce of dates by contacting me here

This fun art party photo is from & Kara has LOTS of great party ideas. If you're ever in need of inspiration check out her blog pages, you won't be disappointed!

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