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Tuesday "Tea"

A long time ago I ran across this book & decided to buy it for our homeschooling adventure. It sat for a long time unused, until I discovered the joy of having an afternoon tea time with my children! Now, I have 3 boys so let me give you a clear picture of what this was really like before you get an idea in your head of tidy tea cups, dainty sugar cubes & silver spoons.

The truth is most often we had lukewarm "hot" chocolate & cookies and we only did it once a week because well, lets get real ~ there was more effort involved than I wanted to add to every homeschool day. So we used mismatched mugs, paper plates and generally plenty of napkins cause our teatime was more about connecting than etiquette . We called it Tuesday Tea and I chose this book to start with while we sipped & slurped.

Then, on a trip to Boston, I found Lives of the Composers & Lives of the Musicians in a museum store and I scooped them up right away! As the boys were able to sit longer, I would read from all 3 while they giggled and made marshmallow fluff mustaches.

My boys are now 15, 12 & 9 and they still love Tuesday Tea & they still request this book & on occasion they will STILL see who can make the best mustache! Do you do Tuesday Tea? What books do you love to read during that time? Leave a comment on my FB page under the link for this post to share with other homeschooling Mom's.

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