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Art Books for Kids

Today, there are tons of books for children about art & artists. And, it doesn't take long to find that there are some really good ones. Lives of Artists is my go to book for introducing artists to kids. I do have to edit some of the stories when I'm teaching other peoples children, but its easy enough to edit as I read aloud. And, kids love the caricature style illustrations, silly stories & little real life tidbits that they learn about artists.

One of my all time favorites to use for art class, especially with littles, is Harold & The Purple Crayon. It a great resource for teaching kids about different kinds of line, but also that the simplicity of the illustrations helps kids who may not be as confident in their own drawing skills. The truth is even my 5th graders are amused by Harold's adventures & because they understand that Harold's imagination & life are intersecting in his drawings they feel big & like they're in on a secret ;)

I also LOVE the book Uncle Andy's for introducing Andy Warhol. Most adults know Andy had a super colorful life that isn't generally something I'd share the details of with children who I aren't my own, but this book is written in a way that creates a lovely picture of Andy's unique qualities. Andy's vibrant personality traits, colorful experiences and quirky tendencies are described through the eyes and love of his nephew who looked at Andy the way kids should see people, through innocence and wonder.

Whether you're building your homeschool library, planning your classroom activities for next year or looking for a good gift for an artistic child there are many to choose from. Here's a link to my Amazon wish list, with more wonderful books in it than I have space for, but there are amazing books that are fantastic for introducing the arts, artists and creativity to kids.

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