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Homeschooling Options!

November 3, 2015




So...homeschoolers. We are a wonderful bunch aren't we? We have lots of freedoms & lots of options and we like lots of options don't we? I do. Well actually, I LOVE options, thats one of the reasons I continue to homeschool. And, I absolutely ADORE the freedom it gives my family in everything from curriculum choice to travel to my daily schedule.


Freedom & options are  also part of why I created this business, because I wanted the freedom to be able to teach where you want me to teach. The first round of Elementary Art at Hobby Lobby Chestfield didn't get enough interest. Sad, I know. I was really looking forward to meeting some new artists friends. But thats good news too!


(Hold on...I know you might be thinking "Lady...your grand opening was a flop! But I'm like a bulldog, I'm fierce & I'm not giving up that easily!) 


 So here's the deal, I'm going to try the 6week Elementary Art at Hobby Lobby again in January. Until then, my schedule is open on Fridays (see, good news!) If you want to get a group together at the park for 1 art class OR you want a Mom's afternoon at your house to take care of Christmas baking but you want the kids kept busy ~ call me! Maybe you want your women's group to do a Bible or Prayer Journaling class with NO kids around (cause I teach adults too). I'm open. Contact me! 


Creative magic & colorful days to each of you! 

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Fine, fine, very fine...

March 13, 2017

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